Queensland Writers Centre is asking everyone to put pen to billboard and share their story – their 8 word story to be precise.

#8wordstory launches Monday 16th October, when billboards across Brisbane will ask commuters and passers-by: ‘What’s your 8 word story?’

It’s amazing how much story you can create using just 8 carefully selected words.

We want everyone, young or old, writer and non-writer alike, to share a story – because everyone has one and everybody has the ability to tell theirs, especially when it’s just 8 words long.

The campaign is running across THE goa GRID™, the extensive network of digital billboards across Brisbane, as part of the billboard and signage company’s annual Community Partnership Program.

Why 8 words?

We didn’t just pluck 8 words out of the air – not quite anyway. A billboard gives you a few seconds to read, register, and understand. And 8 words gives you just enough canvas to make an impact. It is the perfect number where storytelling and advertising meet.



Established in 1990, Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) has earned a reputation throughout Australia as an essential organisation for writers and a champion of Queensland literature. The organisation offers membership and delivers writing workshops and courses throughout the state and beyond, both in person and online.

But QWC also celebrates the importance of narrative and stories, helping writers to create them and readers everywhere to engage with them. Our innovative writing projects have won an Australian Book Design Award and been shortlisted for both the Western Australian Premier’s Literary Award for Digital Narrative and an Australian Graphic Design Award.

Project Partners



The campaign is being delivered as part of the goa community partnership program, an annual community partnerships program open to not-for-profits through a competitive selection process. Here’s a link to the program and the other successful partners from this year: goa.com.au/about-us/community/




Other project partners include Redsuit Advertising who worked with QWC on the project bid and have developed and produced the creatives for the campaign.

The campaign is also being delivered in conjunction with Media Supporter, ABC Radio Brisbane, and with thanks to the support of Quest Community Newspapers.