Queensland Writers Centre

Ever wanted to see your name in lights?

From 30 October to 24 November 2017, Queensland Writers Centre is giving you the opportunity to publish your work and be seen by up to 300,000 people across South East Queensland.

There’s just one catch.

You can use only eight words.

How to enter

Choose from one of the following themes:

  • Change
  • Love
  • Home
  • Play

How you want to interpret the theme is entirely up to you.

Scroll down or following this link to send us your story.

Let us know your name (whether real,  pseudonym, or Twitter handle) so we can add your name to the story.

Let us know your email address so we can get in touch if your story is posted to the site.

Alternatively, if you’re on Twitter, you write your story there. Just tag us @qldwriters and hashtag #8WordStory.

If you have given us your email address, you’ll receive a message if your story is posted to this site.

Share it around. Let the world see your brilliance with 8 words.

Once posted here, your story is eligible to be published to THE goa GRID™, a network of digital billboards throughout South East Queensland.

Ten Thousand Stories, Eighty Thousand Words

In this final week, we have been inspired by the quality and the number of stories submitted from people across the globe, from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds and the response has exceeded all our expectations.

As of Monday morning, we’re well past 9,000 entries and we can’t help notice there is a nice round number that we’re tantalisingly close to.

Can you help us hit 10,000 entries?

Use the form below to give us your best #8WordStory before entries close on Friday 24th November.

And, if yours is selected as our official 10,000th entry, your story will treated to a unique prize: an entire evening of #8WordStory will be devoted to you, just you.

From 5:00pm to 10:00pm on Saturday 25th November, our #8WordStory billboards around South-East Queensland will feature just one story and one story alone.

It could be yours.

Send Your Story Here

Or Tag @qldwriters

Spotted this #8WordStory by @gabbablabber on the Kangaroo Point GOA cam this morning. Definitely a reminder of the #Ekka

From today until Sunday 26 November you'll see #8WordStory entries appearing across a record number of billboards! You've got until the end of Friday to get your entry in for a chance to see your words up in lights: https://t.co/QoB9gOwp4d


I’m a bit excited that this tiny story will appear in giant form on Queensland billboards. Thanks @qldwriters #8wordstory https://t.co/fWwFauWnMC

The next in our series of the #8WordStory project. Wonderful entries from our Year 7 students. @qldwriters @Manly_SC

Just a reminder: @qldwriters #8WordStory submissions close Friday, so get your entries in. Big bonus if yours is #10,000. Just tweet your 8 words with the hashtag, like this: #8WordStory "'Aren't massive cheques for authors?' perplexed politician wonders."